Updating Managed Navigation Settings for SharePoint Online using PowerShell

Recently we were trying to update our company’s SharePoint Online intranet’s top navigation into displaying as a mega menu. As part of the change, there was also a need to clean up the links currently being displayed to be more usable to the staff users.

Because the current top navigation was using Structural Navigation, and we weren’t prepared to overhaul the entire site structure to accommodate the new navigation’s information architecture, we decided to switch to using Managed Navigation, and use a Navigation term set to define the links.

However, by default, new pages created under Managed Navigation will be added to the navigation automatically, and will be using Friendly URLs. This is set in the Navigation Settings for each site.


Because we’re trying to keep the structure of the top navigation controlled, and because the users are used to fully structured URLs as opposed to having friendly URLs, we would want both those options switched off across all our sub sites.

EDIT (2/02/2017): Added ability to specify the name of the navigation term set to connect to for Managed Navigation.

The PowerShell script below achieves that: Continue reading