Managing SharePoint Managed Navigation

Using Managed Navigation is a nice alternative to Structural Navigation, for when you want to have more control over how the navigation links are built, or when building sites and pages with friendly URLs as opposed to the more structured site based URLs.

However, it is not without its problems, some of which are quite obtuse. I’ll outline in this post how Managed Navigation can be set up as well as what some of its idiosyncrasies are that I’ve found while working with it.

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Setting SharePoint New Form’s User Field using JSLink

When creating a new item in NewForm.aspx, we can add a custom JSLink script to the form web part to automatically pre-populate user fields, either defaulting to the current user or picking up another user through the REST API.

The script below sets one user field (Owner) to the currently logged in user, and another user field (Approver) to a specific user based on email.

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