PowerShell to Insert Field to List View at Specific Location

Added a new field (AddressLine1) to a list, and needed to display the field in all list views. It needed to always display before another field (AddressLine2).

Script below loops through all views of a list, and if the AddressLine2 field exists, it will add AddressLine1 just before it.

Note: Can’t use ForEach loop to go through each list view as the .Update() will throw an error, due to restrictions in updating collection items while enumerating.

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Reordering SharePoint Fields using PowerShell

The order in which fields are displayed in the New, Edit, and Display forms for a list item is determined by the FieldLinks order of its content type.


The SPFieldLinkCollection has a handy Reorder method that we can use to set the order of the fields, using their internal names

The script below does this through PowerShell:

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